2018 Medicare Deductible for Physical Therapy

In 2018 the medicare deductible for physical therapy is $183.00.  An annual deductible is due before Traditional Medicare Part B will pay for  treatment. The 2018 Traditional Medicare Part B deductible published by Medicare.gov is $183.00.  Any Patient that has Traditional Medicare Part B must first meet this annual deductible of $183.00 before claims will be paid.

You may receive a bill from our office which may reflect your responsibility towards this annual deductible.  In addition, the Medicare Physical Therapy cap for 2018 is $1980.

Secondary Insurance Coverage:

If you have medicare coverage plus a secondary,  call your secondary insurance company to find out coverage including deductibles and other out of pocket expenses.

Click here for more information about Part B Traditional Medicare costs and coverage from Medicare.gov

The above link will take you to Medicare.gov

Use your flexible spending account to pay for your physical therapy