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At Movement Solutions, we take great pride in our healing services. Our typical patients are specialized cases who need and demand the absolute best care. Many have conditions which require special treatments or have not been successful in other physical therapy or medical offices. Movement Solutions believes in the value of wellness care for your family and have maintained a pricing structure that allows care for all budgets.

Our office participates in many commercial insurance programs, traditional Medicare and workers compensation. For patients who have little or no physical therapy insurance coverage, flexible payment programs can be arranged. To learn more about our payment options for physical therapy, massage therapy and wellness care, you can call our office directly at 847-372-3816.
Many commercial insurance plans are accepted at our office. We accept auto accident, workers compensation, personal injury and most health insurance plans, including Blue Cross/Blue Shield, United Health Care, TRICARE North & Traditional Medicare.
no insurance
For patients who have little or no physical therapy insurance coverage, flexible payment programs can be arranged. If you have no insurance or do not have physical therapy benefits there is still a way for you to receive the care you need. Many patients pay directly for care, as they discover physical therapy to be extremely cost-effective and affordable.
Medical Savings Account/Health Savings Account/Flexible Spending Accounts
For patients who have a high deductible health insurance plan with an MSA or HSA or health insurance with a flexible spending account, you may use these accounts to pay for services and products in our office. These plans are designed to help patients pay for medical and medical supply needs that insurance plans usually leave off for coverage. At Movement Solutions, these type of accounts could pay for: Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy, Therapeutic Exercise, Orthotic Supports and Durable Medical Equipment.
Family Plans
Our focus at Movement Solutions is to actively help you and your family in taking responsibility for your health and wellness management. We assist and guide you to take the time to care for the important people in your world: you and your family. In an effort to make living the wellness lifestyle as easy and affordable as possible, we can create a customized family plan that is specific to you and your family.
Health on a Budget
At Movement Solutions we’re convinced that a small amount of your time and money to care for your most important asset, your health, will be far less time consuming and expensive than trying to recover it. If you feel you do not have enough time or money to take care of yourself, please contact us, we can help! The last thing we want is for you to come to our wellness center in crisis. So please, we would like to encourage you to take your health very seriously. As the old saying goes, if you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything. Unfortunately, too many people don’t discover how true that statement is until it is too late.
For Medicare Patients
At the beginning of each year, an annual deductible is due before Medicare Part B can pay for any treatment. The 2019 Medicare Part B deductible is $185.00.Any Patient that has Medicare Part B and has our office submit claims must first meet this annual deductible of $185.00 before claims will be paid.You may receive a bill from our office which may reflect your responsibility towards this annual deductible. In addition, the Medicare Physical Therapy cap for 2019 is $2040. If you have medicare plus a secondary, remember to also call your secondary insurance.
Most often our patients require:
1. Private Face-to-Face Time with the physical therapist
2. Special Instruction on Movements and Exercise
3. Special Customized Prescriptions for Home ExerciseTo Verify Your Physical Therapy Benefits, Call The Toll Free Number on Your Insurance Card Before arriving, call your insurance provider and ask for your:

Senior Couple Exercising In Park

1) Insurance effective date (Date in which your insurance benefits start over)
2) Deductible (Amount you will be responsible for before insurance benefits will start to pay)
3) Coinsurance or Co-pay
4) Allowed number of visits for physical therapy

At Movement Solutions, we want you to be educated consumers with a full understanding of your insurance plans.

Our billing experts are available to work with you to receive the physical therapy treatment you need.

We offer flexible payment plans to meet your individual needs and will file your claims electronically in a timely, professional manner.

If you have any questions or want to schedule an appointment please contact us at:

(847) 372 3816

Thank you for your interest in Movement Solutions, and we hope to help you feel better soon.

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