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Here is a list of ongoing testimonials for physical therapy massage and pain relief:

My Physical Therapist is a Great Listener

Lance Labno is an excellent physical therapist. He does a great job of listening to my concerns, asking relevant questions and accurately diagnosing my issues. In addition, he is wonderful at explaining your treatment plan and demonstrating how to do the exercises to accomplish my goals. I was very impressed that he wrote out the exercises and provided videos so i could perform the exercises at home. Over the years, I have seen him for a myriad of minor issues, such as shoulder and knee pain and have seen great improvement with just a few visits. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking a PT -= He is fantastic and fun to work with! .  KE 2017

Friendly and Accessible


I have worked with Lance and Movement Solutions off and on for a number of years: first with massage and most recently physical therapy.  Lance is excellent! He is thorough in analyzing the causes of any issues you may have. Lance checks in with you during a session to determine how you are doing and any changes he may need to make while working with you.   He has a very professional and friendly manner that lets you know he is competent yet accessible and open to your questions and concerns. Dr. Labno has earned my trust over the years and I recommend him and Movement Solutions without reservation for those who need his services.  DCK 2009

Does Not Approach a Rehab Need with a Stock Solution

Lance was wonderful to work with. He does not approach a rehab need with a “stock solution”. Instead, he works to determine the cause of the problem and then strengthen those muscles that can prevent a future occurrence. My artificial hip feels great and I am cleared to get back to my regular athletic schedule.  JT 2009

Identified my Problem Methodically

Lance is very much helping me to manage my low back pain which is exasperated by sitting three hours for kidney dialysis three times per week.  ET 2016

Therapists motivation to get through pain

Thanks so much for all you’ve done to help me. If it hadn’t been for your persistence and motivation, I’d have never gotten past the pain to get to this point. All your efforts are greatly appreciated. I’ll miss your sense of humor. JN 2010


Return to exercise after fractured kneecap

I have worked with Lance on and off for the last three years and experienced his incredible skills as a physical therapist and a massage therapist. Recently, I fractured my left knee cap and Lance took a holistic approach in establishing a treatment plan that worked not only on strengthening my injured knee but also unlocked my pelvis and created new movement in my hips. I am so grateful for the success of my treatment and Lance’s creative solutions to my problems. Now, I am totally motivated to maintain the changes to my posture and my physical movement. Lance scores a 10 on a 10 point scale. He’s outstanding!  SB 2011

Return to Weightlifting Painfree

I injured my lower back (lumbar area) during a weightlifting session while performing squats with heavy weight that caused me to cheat on my form and bend too far forward and found myself unable to perform squats using practically any weight; in addition, my lower back was very stiff every morning and I felt pain every time I performed simple movements such as bending over to tie my shoes. Dr. Lance took the time to understand my background, how the injury occurred, and what I wanted to achieve through therapy. Instead of just dictating a treatment plan, he actually listened and incorporated my information into setting goals for my treatment. Lance worked to teach me the correct way to perform each exercise done in therapy, prescribed exercises to do at home, and measured progress at each session. He was unwaveringly friendly in every session, and I felt he treated me with respect and listened to my ideas. Even more impressive, if he didn’t know an answer to a question, he would go out of his way to find the answer for our next session. I am very thankful that Lance was my therapist, and today I find myself pain-free and much more flexible than I have even been in my life. MS 2012

Identified my Problem Methodically

A nagging injury surfaced after years of personal training so I stopped that and sought help. Imaging showed arthritis but no structural damage, so I found Dr. Lance Labno at Movement Solutions. He identified the source of my problem methodically but quickly and explained every step. We worked with exercise, stretching and massage to get to the source of the problem, eliminate the pain and begin to build strength. Now I’m back at the gym and feeling great. Many thanks to Dr. Labno and to his first rate Office Manager!  TH 2016

I Always Look Forward to my Sessions

I always look forward to my therapy sessions – the relief is incredible! Doctor Lance takes time to explain everything.  RC 2015

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