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At Movement Solutions we provide detailed assessments of physical abilities from general coordination and balance needed for posture, strength training and movement retraining for joint support and pain relief, to the eye movements needed for reading, writing, copying and catching a ball.

Using standard medical (non-invasive) tests, we can identify where signs of physical weakness, stiffness or neuro-motor immaturity are present and offer effective exercise programs to stimulate the development of mature motor skills.

Many problems with balance, coordination, sports performance, reading, writing, spelling, math, concentration, under-achievement and behavior have their roots in immature development of physical abilities which support many aspects of learning.

We specialize in traditional physical therapy as well as address issues related to Neuro Developmental Disorders.

our multi-dimensional approach to healing

Movement Solutions offers a multi-dimensional approach to treating our clients by looking at the entire body versus one part at a time.

We have earned our doctorate degrees in physical therapy and use multiple techniques to get the results that our clients want including: traditional strength and balance training, Kinetic Control, McKenzie,Method, Myofascial Release, Active Inhibitory Restabilization, Schroth method of scoliosis treatment., Muscle Activation Techniques, Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training, Neuromuscular Therapy, Strain-Counterstrain, Muscle Energy Techniques, Neuronet and INPP (Institute for Neuro-Physiological Psychology) exercises for school aged children.

developmental issues

While there are many social and educational reasons for specific learning difficulties, physical abilities are affected with every aspect of learning, from the eye movements needed for reading, hand-eye coordination for writing, sequencing for learning days of the week, months of the year and spatial awareness involved in solving certain mathematical problems and for social interaction. When these problems are corrected, we can start to achieve.

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Strength Training
Corrective Exercise
Pre and Post Surgery Rehabilitation
Hands on Manual Therapy
Soft Tissue Massage
Trigger Point Release
Myofascial Release
Muscle Energy Techniques
Muscle Activation Techniques
Active Inhibitory Restabilization Techniques
McKenzie method
Schroth treatment method for Scoliosis
Foot Orthotic Recommendations
Kinetic Control
Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training
Massage Therapy
Relaxation Massage
Sports Massage (pre and post events)
Neuromuscular Therapy
Trigger Point Release
Myofascial Release
Muscle Energy Techniques
Muscle Activation Techniques
Active Inhibitory Restabilization Techniques
Ben Benjamin Soft Tissue Assessment And Treatment
Initial Assessment/Needs Analysis (posture, strength, flexibility and weight loss)
Interpretation of assessment (Why you need to do a specific exercise)
Personalized Program Design includes: proper stretches, exercise and self-care tips
Identify optimal resistance training parameters which may include progressive resistance exercises, appropriate intensity, workout frequency, repetitions and sets
Identify precautions and contraindications to specific exercise performance
Education on proper exercise technique
Advice on pre-existing conditions (arthritis, prior surgeries)
Ergonomic design of home or work situations
Re-assessments as needed to keep you on track with evolving goals and updating your exercise program
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