In the comfort of your own home and in less than 14 sessions following the BrainBeat exercises we were able to improve our timing and coordination with activities requiring focus such as playing the trumpet and even getting ready for school.

The fun and engaging BrainBeat exercises slowly increase difficulty and become more challenging  (sometimes to the point of frustration) which was a great learning lesson to work through.


My son and I have improved our ability to focus.

I have noticed that my son has increased his time on tasks such as working on homework assignments that he finds less interesting.

What I did not expect:

How quickly my son learned to stay on beat both during the BrainBeat exercises.

Improved timing and rhythm while learning to play the trumpet and keyboard.

Brainbeat has been a great tool and learning experience for my family and I recommend for both kids and adults over the age of 7.

For more information click on this link. BrainBeat

Disclaimer: We have found Brainbeat to be extremely valuable and use brainbeat for personal use. We do not have any financial ties or incentives with BrainBeat.


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