Oov Core Fitness Exercises For The Back and Hips. This demonstrates some beginning oov abs and pilates exercises that you can perform on the oov. This video also shows a an exercise that targets the glutes and feet to improve heel strike which is a necessary core exercise for running.

I really like the Oov for its unique ability to open up the spine and hips. I am now able to get a spot in my lumbar spine that I have been complaining about for years to my massage therapist by using the Oov.

Precautions: Use a pillow or folded towel under your head for comfort or support to prevent neck pain.

For people with osteoporosis or at risk for spinal fractures please talk to your primary care physician of health care provider such as a physical therapist before using this device.

Click here to order your Oov: http://amzn.to/2uLj5wJ

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Script from closed caption:
“Hey, Dr. Lance here and today I’m going to show you the Oov. It is a fitness device that helps with core and balance when you’re lying on your back. There’s even some exercises you can do standing up or by placing against the wall. You can even stand on it for balance exercises. But today, I’m going to show you the ones that I like to do on the floor. Now this towel is here just to help support your head because some people have issues with their neck.

So on this exercise, I’m just rotating my body side to side getting a stretch through my hips and through my low back and upper back. For me, when I go all the way to the left side I get this stretch that I haven’t been found for like 20 years. Now after I do this for 30 seconds a minute. I’ll go and focus on a core exercise where I’m imagining your pelvis is like is a boat. As I’m shifting side to side. I’m going at each side and the heel putting pressure using my glutes.

I’m even tilting when I tell this back a little bit and also engaging the obliques to make sure that the pelvis doesn’t drop down.  This really helps with walking… When you’re getting push off.

Now another thing I like to do is just sitting or lying marches.  Here just lifting one leg up you can bring your knee as high as you want. I’m having my arms at the side because I’m going a little faster than I normally do. Another thing you can do is have you keep one leg up and then slowly bring one arm up. The whole goal here is use your right glute pushing down into the right heel to help stabilize. As you can tell I’m wobbling. What you can now do is add an arm reach to create a little more instability.

This is not easy… Let’s go switch to the other side

Now I know I am more stable on this left side, so I am moving a little faster working on that control and “Oh” there you go… (Lance falls to the side off the Oov.)

These are some of my favorite exercises on the Oov and if you look in the detail section I’ll put a link where you can get one today.

Have a great day and as always let’s keep our bodies in motion…

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