Six ways to modify an exercise programSix Ways to Modify Your Exercise Program

In this video Dr. Lance Labno discusses six ways to modify your exercise program.

Some of the ways to modify your exercise program are:

1) Use a mirror to watch yourself perform the exercise. Most times what we are not doing something a little funky and off. Using a mirror keeps us honest with the task.

2) Auditory – talk yourself through the exercise to make sure you don’t miss important steps.

3) Tactile support/stimulation – Touching a muscle that you want to focus on can increase your awareness of the muscle and improve activation and motor control.

4) Increasing your base of support – Increasing your base of support reduces the body’s need to activate muscles for balance. In turn, you can focus on the muscles you want to specifically isolate.

5) Use of proprioceptive input (Important for people with motoric challanges/lacking proprioceptive input/proprioceptively dense/aka… motor morons)- Resistance bands are not always used for strength. In this example, use of a resistance band to provides mild resistance to wake up those lazy muscles.

6)Unload the exercise (aka. Use less weight) – Not all exercises are meant for strengthening. Sometimes your ego can get in the way and refuse to use anything less than a #20 dumbbell. If positioned correctly, using smaller weighted dumbbells can target small unused muscles. When modifying your exercise program to target these muscles you can see big changes in the weeks ahead when you go back to those #20 dumbbells.

7) Bonus Tip: Combine the above six techniques to improve muscle activation.

As always, let’s keep our bodies in motion!

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