Are you dealing with an injury or pain but cannot make it to a physical therapy clinic? Movement Solutions offers telehealth physical therapy visits.
Telehealth is an important service covered as a regular physical therapy visit. Also, Medicare has approved telehealth coverage for patients. As a result, we will check in with you every week.

These visits allow you to have your condition assessed and treated from your home. As a result, telehealth visits reduce the amount of medication and tests.  Tests include X-rays, MRIs, and CT scans. Waiting later for physical therapy costs more money and takes longer to recover.

A physical therapist educates patients and makes recommendations for their home environment. These recommendations decrease future injuries. Also, physical therapists refine a patient’s exercise plan in the comfort of their home. Refining an exercise plan reduces the time spent exercising.

Telehealth makes it easier for healthcare providers to talk amongst themselves. Now, telehealth physical therapy visits make it easier for patients to contact their healthcare providers.

For additional information, look at our  Frequently Asked Questions or CMS Guidance Allows PTs, PTAs in Private Practice to Provide Services Via Telehealth