Time needed: 10 minutes.

How to Prepare for your Telehealth appointment

  1. Ensure that your camera is on and that you are allowing video.


  2. Connect your computer device to a stable internet connection.

    Connect directly to an internet source for a better connection.

  3. Look to connect ~5 min before the start of your appointment.

    Check your device is working correctly and able to connect.

  4. Have Ample Space

    Have ample space needed to complete your session and make yourself comfortable.

  5. Choose a Good Location

    Choose a location in which you can be most comfortable, both physically and emotionally. You will be asked by your therapist to move during your visit, so make sure you have room to move. You want to be able to share information freely with your therapist, so choose a location that is private and without distractions.

  6. Choose a Consistent Location

    Use the same space for every visit allows your provider to know what equipment and furniture are available for treatment.

  7. Prepare for Frequent Device Position Changes

    Be prepared that you may potentially need to move your device to achieve a full visionary field throughout the video call.

  8. Wear Comfortable Clothes

    Wear comfortable clothes that allow for movement. Wearing snug-fitting clothes allows your provider to assess how parts of your body move to determine the best intervention.

  9. Unable or Difficult to Connect

    If you are unable to connect with your clinician, please call us at (847) 372-3816. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, many networks are experiencing high volume that can cause disruption.


Request a telehealth appointment by calling the clinic at (847) 372-3816 or email us at scheduling@movement-solutions, and we will contact you when it is convenient for you.