Pain is a response that travels to your brain by way of your nervous system. Your nerves are like little sensors all over your body. Once they become stimulated, an electrical signal travels to your brain to let you know something is wrong. This is “pain”.

Your nerve sensors are stimulated by a variety of things. One is the deformation of tissue beyond its normal limit. All of your tissues have a normal range to which they are accustomed. Beyond that limit, your sensors will send a pain signal to your brain. If you have inflamed or swollen tissue, you have a lot of undesirable chemicals in the injured area. These chemicals will also activate your pain sensors. Your sensors can also be activated by a temperature of 109 degrees (Fahrenheit) or higher in your body. Therefore, a fever will activate the sensors, causing pain and an achy feeling.

Part of our therapy is geared to “turning off” your sensors and thus reducing pain.