Once we learn to let go of the mind, we can get into our being.

The meaning behind Slowbraid:  In Native American tradition, hair is a signifier of one’s spiritual practice. Combing represents the alignment of thought; braiding is the Oneness of thought, and tieing is the securing of thought. Flowing strands of hair are considered individually weak, but when joined in braids they demonstrate strength in unity. Letting hair flow free demonstrates harmony with the flow of life, and braiding indicates thoughts of oneness.

The first Bishop of Jerusalem, James the Just, was thought to have dreads to his ankles. Yogis, Gyanis, and Tapasvis are among the famous wearers. In Buddhism, dreads are symbolic of material non-attachment; students in classical India on a spiritual path grew them to detach from physical vanity and to develop mental and spiritual powers.

Many traditions teach that the top of the head – the crown chakra as it is most widely known – is the portal for physical, mental, and spiritual energies. If hair is uncut and knotted, it can store energy within the body to maintain strength and health, or as Rastafarians say, hair is our “God antennae.”


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01. Breath and Movement Workout

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02. Breath and Movement Workout

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03. Breath and Movement Workout

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